A family of Rhinos…

I have been sitting trying to figure out how best to showcase this family photo of Rhinos. I think I have found the link…here are some fun facts of rhinos…


Rhinos are increasingly being wiped out of the face of the Earth. In the years to come scenes such as this one of a family of five Southern White Rhinos will be very hard to see.

Rhino pregnancies last forever, they last for upto 15 months :0

The closest living rhino relatives are horses and zebras.

A group of rhinos is called a crash.

At birth, baby rhinos, which are called calves, are still quite big, at 40 to 64 kg.

At just about 3 years old, the calf will set out on its own. A rhino can live up to 45 years.

What are some of the fun facts you know about rhinos or any other wild character…..

Can you name the species found on this photo?

Please share some of your fun facts as well



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